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How to Choose the Right Nail Shape

Having your nails done can make you feel good, having the right shape, can make you feel amazing!

Laura Camilleri

Choosing the Right Nail Shape for You

Did you know that not all nail shapes suit all types of fingers?

By choosing the wrong shape you could make hands and fingers look short and stumpy. By choosing the right nail shape for your hand, you can enhance and slenderise your fingers, giving them a much more elegant appearance. Having your nails done can make you feel good, having the right shape, can make you feel amazing!

Different nail shapes suit different clients due to the length and size of their fingers. We all have different shape hands and palms.Fingers can be long and skinny or short and wide.

Ensuring you choose the right nail shape will make your freshly manicured nails look more refined when suited to your finger shape.

 Everyone’s hands and fingers are different, just as we have different shaped bodies, noses and eyes.

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Wide Hands and Shorter Fingers

Some palms can be shorter in length and wider in width, this is usually accompanied by similar shaped fingers. Fingers that are Shorter or wider than average in length would be best suited to nails filed into an almond, oval or round shape.

This soft shape with a will help to give the illusion of amore slender looking, elegant finger. Elongating the appearance of the length of finger also. Especially if painted in a light or nude colour.

The sassy look of a stiletto can also add to the look of length on short, wide fingers. Addition of acrylic or gel gives this shape more strength as it is more prone to breakage on natural nails.

For this shape of hand and finger, square shaped nails should be avoided as this blunt look can make the fingers look stubbier.,especially when painted in a dark colour. Dark colours are bold and can make nails appear shorter than they are.

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Narrow Hands and Longer Fingers

Hands can also be long and narrow, with long, slender fingers, often called “piano fingers”. Longer length fingers can carry almost any shape including square. Square can be a more practical shape for many people due to being less maintenance and easy to create. A square nail can be filed to give a precise, sharp edged look, or  by softening the corners of a square, you are less likely to scratch or snag accidentally.

The edgy look of a coffin is also enhanced by long fingers, this shape most benefits from sturdy nails and needs regular TLC.  

Why don’t you give some different shapes a try and see what suits you best? If you are a qualified nail technician and need some guidance with shaping, why not book onto our Nail Shaping Workshop to brush up those skills and build your confidence?

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