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Nail Shaping Workshop

Master those nail shapes with our live online class. Covering the most popular anil shapes in the industry.

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Nail Shaping Workshop

This workshop is to help refine your nail shaping skills, whether you are working on natural nails or extensions. As a nail technician, you may be  looking to refresh or refine your skills and confidence around nail shaping.

Refining your filing skills can be a game changer, giving you more elegant, perfect looking nails.

Introduction to Nail Shaping
Client Consultation
Nail Shapes
The Perfect Square Nails
Tapered Square Nails
Edgy Coffin Nails
Killer Stiletto Nails
The Classic Alomnd Nail
Tip Application


Here at BC Beauty we offer a few home learning courses that can be completed in the comfort of your own home, in your own time. We know that many of you lead busy lives and like to squeeze in additional training where you can to upgrade your skills and grow your business. Home learning courses give you the option to study when it suits you at a pace that you choose.

You are provided with a training manual which has a theory test at the end. You will need to work through the test and complete all of the questions and tasks. Once completed, just simply email the answers back to us. You will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully completing your theory work.

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Refining your shaping skills can take time and patience. With our nail shaping workshop, we aim to help you build upon your existing skills and enhance your filing techniques . We will focus on the most popular shapes asked for by clients and give you tips to master your shapes. Getting identical shapes across a set can be a challenge, but following our workshop, you should find this a much easier and more enjoyable part of your treatment.


A manicure qualification is a pre requisite for this course. We will be working mainly with tips , so an extension qualifiaction is desirable.

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Upon completion of this workshop, you will receive a certificate of completion


Call on 01273 502227 or email info@bcbeautytraining.co.uk

Choose your date and time and discuss your needs with us, we will then book you in. We will send you a confirmation email with all the detail required.

At the time of the booking you will need a deposit for this course. The rest will be paid on the day of the training. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. Payment can be made by debit / credit card or Bank Transfer.