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Become a Spray Tanning Specialist

Spray tanning has increased in popularity in recent years. The booming spray tanning business has been occasioned by customers looking for a lovely colour all year round without putting their health at risk in the process of getting the tan.

Laura Camilleri

Spray tanning has increased in popularity in recent years. The booming spray tanning business has been occasioned by customers looking for a lovely colour all year round without putting their health at risk in the process of getting the tan.

More people choose the spray tanning method due to having little to no negative health impacts. We cannot say the same of the traditional tanning methods, which are known to have some adverse health effects, including skin damage and risks associated to skin cancers.

Another benefit of taking a spray tanning training course is that it’s an all-year-round treatment option. With the training, you can cater to your clientele any time of the year, which means you can make money all through the year. Importantly, customers are always looking to touch up their tan, ensuring they have an excellent tan year-round. Whether it’s in the midst of winter when we don’t get the sunshine we love or during summer for a top up, there are customers to serve.

Do i need to attend course for spray tanning?

Undertaking a spray tanning course will broaden your offerings. Alternatively, you can use the lessons and skills gained from our course to operate a standalone spray tanning business at a salon or mobile therapist.

Another advantage of our training course is the accreditation you receive. Our courses are fully accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists and ABT. The certification allows you to obtain insurance, which is essential for providing professional spray tanning services to the public.

What Qualifications Do You Need For The Beauty Industry And Spray Tanning Course?

For the most part, you do not need any prior qualifications to undertake beauty training, including taking a spray tanning course. That being said, the beauty industry is an in-person industry where you will have to interact with people all day long. As such, you need qualities that will advance your career, including;

  1. Being friendly, tactful, and diplomatic,
  2. Have passion for your work,
  3. Have some level of artistic skill,
  4. Have the ability to sell products and services, and
  5. Have some business acumen.

For the most part, our trainees end up creating their own business out of the training they’ve received. As such, to thrive in this competitive industry will require resilience and an ability to market your business.

How Long Is a Spray Tan Course?

We have designed our spray tanning training course to be comprehensive and impart trainees all the necessary knowledge and skills.During the course, you’ll learn about:

  • Safety and hygiene,
  • Products and equipment,
  • Physiology and anatomy,
  • Safe working practices and legislations,
  • Professional code of ethics,
  • Contra-actions,
  • Contra-indications,
  • Client consultation,
  • Breakdown of the spray tanning procedure,
  • Practical session, and
  • Aftercare.

As you can appreciate, the list of topics we cover in our spray tanning course is comprehensive. As such, we provide all of our trainees with a course manual when they book for the spray tanning training. The reading material in the course manual covers a lot of the theoretical aspects of the course.

During your course, the trainer will discuss a number of different brand options with you and where you can purchase them. A full kit list is provided in your manual so you know exactly what’s needed to get yourself set up and in business. No need to purchase anything beforehand though, as we provide all you need on the day to complete your course.

Trainees are expected to read the manual before the date of the training and complete a set of questions to test your knowledge. During the training session, our trainers go over the training manual. However, they use the vast majority of the time to cover the practical aspects of spray tanning.

Our approach to training allows trainees to attain the highest level of training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of spray tanning. Importantly, providing trainees with a course manual to read before the training day allows trainers to cover the course in a half day course session. Trainees are asked to provide their own model for tanning, if you are working within a group, you can work on each other.

Why is a face to face course is better than an online spray tanning course?

At BC Beauty Training, we aim to equip all of our trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality spray tanning therapies to their clients. The one-to-one structure of our courses offers excellent, detailed training.

Online spray tanning courses are in popular demand, however we at BC Beauty Training we believe that techniques are best learnt first hand with face to face tuition. Also you will need to check that your insurance will accept an online course as usually insurance companies do not accept online courses.  

A one-to-one course makes it easier for the student to learn under less pressure. Additionally, the one-to-one environment allows our trainers to cater to your need exclusively.

Questions during or after training? Just ask. Our trainer is there to ensure you have an in-depth understanding of spray training and will gladly answer any questions you have during your course and also following once you have qualified.

However, if you prefer learning in a group setting, we also offer this course to more than one person at a time if you wanted to book with colleagues or friends. Note that when learning as a group, you qualify for a discount. However, we like to keep groups not more than four trainees at a time. This ensures that we do not compromise the quality of training we offer you.

If you have are a group of more than four people and want to undertake the training together, we will avail two trainers. In doing so, we ensure your training meets our strict standards. Importantly, we ensure our training offers value for money to every participant.

Where Is BC Beauty Training Situated?

We are located on Ladies Mile Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

Which is the Nearest Spray Tanning Training Course Near Me?

BC Beauty Training is a leading provider of beauty training courses in Brighton. We provide training courses accredited by the ABT and the Beauty Guild..

How much does a spray tan course cost?

Our spray tanning course is £100. Students will need to provide a model for this course.

Checkout our Spray Tanning Course page

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