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How To Improve Lash Retention

On average we naturally lose between 3-5 natural lashes daily, this is normal and most people aren’t even aware of this fact!

Laura Camilleri

As professional lash technicians, we all want to ensure our clients lashes last as long as possible to ensure we offer a great service. The amount of time the extensions stay on is known as the retention.

On average we naturally lose between 3-5 natural lashes daily, this is normal and most people aren’t even aware of this fact! However, if your client is losing a lot of extensions, something is not quite right and your clients won’t be too happy.

Poor lash retention can be caused by so many factors, you just need to work out the cause and it could be something so simple!

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1.Your Products

Many issues with retention start right here. Choosing a good brand of lash supplies is key. Make sure you are using a trusted brand with great reviews.

The adhesive you choose to use plays a huge part in how long the lashes will stay on! If the product is no good, then neither is the retention! Research your supplier and read others opinions on the brand too, if you know another lash tech, ask them for their recommendations! 

Your adhesive needs to be fresh, old adhesive is weakened by moisture getting in each time you open it. You may feel disheartened throwing away a half empty bottle of adhesive but it if saves your client base, it’s so worth it!

How and where are you storing your adhesive? Make sure the bottle is closed tightly, stood upright and it’s stored in a cool, dry place. Adhesive shouldn’t get too hot, or too cold as this also affects how it sets.

The humidity of the room will also affect the adhesive and how it sets. Check the humidity range on your adhesive to ensure its suitable for your working environment and conditions. High and low humidity’s can affect your adhesive setting times, either really fast or much slower than usual.  

Lastly, make sure your adhesive is given a good old shake before you use it! Inside the bottle, the ingredients can separate slightly when left alone. By giving it a shake up, you are ensuring you are getting the perfect concentration of all of the magic in your bottle, leading to much better retention.

2. Prep and Prime

Your clients lashes must be cleaned prior to application.There should be no traces of make-up, oil or dirt on the lashes before you start your application. Clean using lash shampoo, cleanser or wipes. If cleansing for an infill, using a lash cleansing brush can be gentler on existing extensions.

Using a primer will ensure that any additional oils are removed from the lash to help with good retention. Apply your primer to the base of the lash where the extension will be placed and make sure you are thorough with application.

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3. Amount of Adhesive

The amount of adhesive is so important to get right…….. too much and the lashes will clump and look terrible….. too little and the bond won’t form. When you take your lash through your adhesive it should be done slowly, if you need to remove excess, its best to take the extension back through the adhesive slowly to remove it. You can tap off the excess, but make sure you don’t wipe it off, you could be taking too much off and the lashes will fall off when brushing.

4. After Care

Another cause of poor lash retention could be down to your clients after care.

The better they maintain their lashes, the longer lasting they will be. If your client doesn’t clean their lashes daily, they will get a build-up of dirt, make-up, sweat, or other products on the lash which will break down the adhesive. Keeping them clean will play a big part in retaining lashes. You could even retail after care kits, including lash cleansers to your client. This way, you know they are using the correct products and you’re also making yourself a little extra profit for your business.

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