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E-File Course

This course has been designed to teach you how to use an e-file safely and efficiently.

Course Price £

No hidden fees, £50 booking fee required to book this course. Fee Non refundable non transferrable.

E-File Course

Our EFile Course will teach you how to competently and confidently use an electric filing system (e-file) on nail enhancements which will allow you to speed up your treatment process. The use of an e-file can also eliminate risks of repetitive strain and other long term complaints from continuous manual filing.

During the efile course, you will learn how to use a range of different e-file bits for various jobs including cuticle work, nail prep, shaping product, infill prep and more…

Students can work on themselves or a model for this efile course. The student/model will need to be due infills (acrylic  or hardgel). If this is not possible, we can prepare a training hand to work on and the student can complete cuticle and nail prep work on themselves.

BC Beauty Training will provide all products and equipment, you are not required to purchase any kit to complete this course.

If you do wish to buy a starter kit of bits, we retail the following:

E-file Bits Kit By Lily Beau.- £65

Includes - Flame bit, ball bit, cuticle cleaning bit, cask bit, mozhzheri removal bit, medium carbide bit, green bit, mandrel sanding bit, box of fine sanding bands, mix of medium sanding bands and bit box

E-file machine coming soon.

Please let us know if you wish to purchase a kit.


E-File Course




Hygiene and Safety
Professional Code of Ethics
Safe Working Practices and Legislations
Anatomy & Physiology
Equipment and products
Contra Indications
Contra Actions
Client Consultation
Breakdown of the procedure
Practical Session



Here at BC Beauty Training, we specialise in one to one training, enabling us to give you our full attention and allowing you to take the course at your pace. We do offer courses to more than one student at a time. If you would like to take a course with a colleague or friend, you would both qualify for a discount of 10% off of your course price. We like to keep our groups small, so as to not dilute the quality of our training. Groups can be up to 4 at one time. If groups are larger, we will have two trainers onsite.

 We ask that students arrive on time for their course for a prompt start. We start our session with the theory of the treatment and discuss the course manual that you are sent upon time of booking. The remaining time of the course will be spent carrying out the practical aspect of the course and learning the treatment hands on with demonstrations and your trainer guiding you through.

There is some home study to be completed prior to your practical session, this is sent out to you when you book your course.

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There are huge benefits to learning how to use an electric file. Firstly, this will speed up your treatment time, which for a busy nail technician makes it a very popular choice of tool. An e-file will reduce the amount of manual filing required during a nail service. Busy nail technicians that spend a lot of time during each day filing will experience  problems with conditions such as repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Using an e-file will help reduce the risk of such complaints, making the job at handless strenuous. This course is best suited to nail technicians who are trained in nail extensions.

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Students will need a manicure qualification prior to taking this course. This can be added on for a discounted price if you don’t already hold one.

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Qualifications RECEIVED


Upon completion of this course, you will receive an accredited diploma qualification.

We are accredited by ABT and The Guild of Beauty Therapists, this enables you to gain insurance one qualified so that you can then offer your treatments to the public.

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Call on 01273 502227 or email info@bcbeautytraining.co.uk

Choose your date and time and discuss your needs with us, we will then book you in. We will send you a confirmation email with all the detail required.

At the time of the booking you will need a deposit for this course. The rest will be paid on the day of the training. Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. Payment can be made by debit / credit card or Bank Transfer.

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Once you are qualified in your new treatments, you will need public liability insurance to start working on members of the public.

All courses completed with BC Beauty Training are accredited with ABT and The Guild of Beauty Therapists, giving you a discount on your insurance policy when taking one out with either company.

ABT discount code for a saving of 10% - BCBT99

The Guild of Beauty Therapists code for a saving of £10 – 10652




Our Brighton based beauty training courses are relaxed, friendly and to a certain degree tailored to suit your needs. We teach at your pace and our courses are easy to follow and understand. Not only do we teach our courses from our base in Brighton, we can also travel to you (additional charges apply).

We have been running our academy since 2013, first starting in Hove and now at our present venue in Patcham, Brighton.

We at BC Beauty Training feel that it is really important to assist you to achieve your personal goals and develop new skills to build you career or expand your portfolio. Whether you are new to the industry or looking to add further treatments, each course will give you the skills and knowledge to go forward.

Our business depends on providing complete satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of each and every one of our students. Also our reputation is built on the knowledge, trust, friendliness and experience of our trainers. They have all worked in the industry for many years and have a real passion for beauty.

We have a fantastic team working for us who are more like a family than working colleagues and this shows through in the training sessions/courses.

Working on a one to one basis allows you to choose the date of your course, if we have it free we can book you in, if that particular date has been booked we will give you the next available date. Our beauty training courses run from Mondays to Saturdays, including some evening courses too.

We can also carry out the training in your own home or salon, as well as at our treatment room. There would be a small charge for fuel, depending on distance of location if we come to you. If you would like a quote for this, please feel free to get in touch.

You can train in larger groups or pairs if you want to carry out the courses with friends or colleagues. A discount will be applied for multiple students training together.